Mid 1960′s Benelli mini prototype

Another buzzer Eric insisted I share with the world. If you haven’t already, spend some time on his website  to see what this man is up to and has done recently.

“Mid 1960s Benelli mini prototype. No hardtail Benelli minibikes were ever sold or imported in the US as far as I know. This is an early prototype pre-Buzzer. It has skinny fold down handlebars, 50cc Buzzer/Hornet engine, Buzzer wheels and rear brake, front forks, etc. I modified a Tomos Snail expansion chamber to fit the Benelli, lengthened front fork sliders 3″ for more ground clearance for the pipe, jetted Dell’Orto carb, taller rear slick, reupholstered original seat.”


2014-03-21_16-49-12_886 2014-03-21_16-49-25_115


Perfect size to stick in the trunk to get around the summer music festivals or to the closest motel down the back alleys of Nashville when you’ve imbibed too much at your favorite honky tonk…..


Eric Heyman’s (Oily Pipes Gang) 77′ Yamaha LB80 Champ

Friend Eric Heyman w/Oily Pipe Gang http://www.oilypipes.com dropped me a note with a few little smoking bangers in his stable:

“1977 Yamaha LB80 CHAMP Made for one year, 80cc, 3 speed w/ centrifugal clutch, 5200 miles. I recently went thru the whole bike, runs great! I’m sure it will get an expansion chamber in the near future…”

My birth year, maybe this should find its way to Tennessee on or about 9-23-14?



Cabin fever, homesick and in dire need of helmet time…..

Winter is kicking and screaming his last breath, old men are so ornery… I just placed my order last week for a new 4.5″ GPS dual gauge from Speedhut. For once I’ll have no valid argument with the local law enforcement about my speed or the lingering paranoia if I’ve over revved my Scott Clough Racing induced debt, engine.


I am really excited to be in the final phase of my build and the memories to be made this season. A pity I completed this in 2011 and have yet to log over 1200 miles on it. It’s tough being the fiercest critic of your own work. I few odds and ends remain, a custom gauge mount will need to be made out of 304, wire in the 7mm green, yellow and blue LED indicator lights, reinstall the Yamalube oil pump system (Ratio-Rite is rationally wrong).

Hope this finds each of you well. Now to find time to wrench, ride, and write……


TT& Company vintage full face

Thanks to our generations healthy appetite for all things nostalgic, many manufacture’s are listening to what riders want. Enter the Daytona Small full face, trailing behind the recent release of Biltwell’s “Gringo”  both taking design hints from the original, Bell Star.

One thing of note, these are considered novelty helmets providing at very best, the minimum of protection. Even such being the case, I can see the use of these at vintage meetups etc. being popular to retain that period look and hipster street cred. $144 USD




67 years young and still smokin….

Took the boy to mine and his first flat track race a few weekends back, I was instantly hooked and thus began what the better half always dreads, research for a new hobby. After spending some time on the AHRMA website and deciding on the Seventies Two Stroke class, I see a name that sticks out,  and so begins the usual stalking method of  Facebook for a Mr. Jim Mize, all of 67 years young. After exchanging the usual  pleasantries, he offers some invaluable insight to a newcomer like myself. I also learned he’s fairly new to the sport himself, though a long time moto enthusiast,  he was cool enough to share his current personal project a 1972 Suzuki Titan 500. I’ve also included a recent race where Jim had the chance to lineup with none other than AMA legend Dave “Bones” Aldana (#13) himself, Jim was stoked at such an honor. Wrapping this up, I love the fact that Jim is thoroughly enjoying this chapter in life, we can all learn from his zest on life, it’s never too late to do what you love.

Keep on smokin!72' Suzuki Titan 500 72' Suzuki Titan 500 72' Suzuki Titan 500

Heated race between Dave Aldana and Jim Mize.

Heated race between Dave Aldana and Jim Mize.